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How to survive the Winter in style!

Unless you live in a bubble, I’m sure you’ve heard that New York City was hit with a monstrous blizzard and even though we’re still jumping over piles of snow and slush to get around, it’s safe to say that we’re New York Tough!

And since Winter is the season that you must prep your wardrobe to survive this cold, you’ll need warm layers that are fun and stylish right? So, I’ve rounded up five pretty outfits and created some inspirational boards to help protect you from the cold without sacrificing style plus can be layered and adjusted to the rise and fall of temperature.



 photo Screenshot_2016-01-25-22-32-21-1_zpsliebhqgm.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-01-25-22-43-32-1_zpsgnmetc1p.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-01-25-23-52-25-1_zpse5xxqlhv.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-01-26-00-12-18-1_zpswhkcc76p.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-01-26-09-44-59-1_zps8bmdws5n.png

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