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DIY Chinese New Year Crafts *Kids

The Chinese calendar follows the moon and divides the years into groups of twelve.  Each year is named for an animal.  People born in that year are believed to share different traits. The first of the twelve years is the Year of the Rat.  This is followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Because the Chinese calendar is based on the lunar year, the date of Chinese New Year changes each year. – dlkt


When I think of the Chinese New Year I’m reminded of my childhood bestie who often shared many Chinese traditions with my Mom and I.  His parents would give us heaping bags of citrus fruit for the new year, little red envelopes, and take us out to dinner in China town.

The streets were always lit up in festive colors and stores were filled with treats to represent good luck, longevity, wholeness and unity amongst other delightful meanings.

Now that I’m a Mom, I enjoy sharing my childhood memories through crafting. My girls  find it fascinating to read their Chinese zodiac and see which animal represents their inner animal.

Here are a few of my favorite Pinable crafts your kids will enjoy!


 How to make Chinese Lanterns

 photo cny1_zpsld6adcat.jpg

Photo credit: Nuture Store

The Chinese Zodiac

 photo cny5_zpsd9ce22po.jpg

Photo Credit: Hubpages

Chinese New Year Fans

 photo cny7_zpso4syafzc.jpg

Photo Credit: Choices4Children.

Chinese New Year Cupcake Liner Fortune Cookies

 photo cny8_zpsyrayvkeb.jpg

Photo Credit: Jdaniels4moms

Appetizers, crafts and fun!

 photo cny4_zpssbe7huho.jpg

Photo Credit: HappyandBlessedHome

Drum Craft

 photo cny2_zpshkmhr74q.jpg

Photo Credit: NetMums

Firecracker Decorations 

 photo cny6_zps4gdes6pq.jpg

Photo Credit: China Family Adventure


Do you have a craft you would like featured on 3citygirlsnyc? leave me a note and share!

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