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#DIY Mothers Day at Home Spa – Inspired by Cloud b! @cloud_b

Whether you’re a new Mom, expectant Mom or OG Mom, we all deserve a little pampering. While many of us don’t have the time to sneak off to a spa, who says we can’t bring out the Spa experience in the comfort of our own home?

With a few Spa like products, you can enjoy the luxuries of the spa experience with the at-home amenities, like asking your 6-year-old to hand you another towel or husband to pour you another glass of champagne. Not to mention the amount of money you’ll be saving! and there is nothing like an adorable little masseuse who calls you Mom! 😃

First, let’s gather all your materials… You’ll need a warm plush robe (waiting on your bed) with a hood to keep you warm from the bath to your bed. I LOVE the soft silky feeling from the Cloud b Snuzzle.
 photo PhotoGrid_1462034924082_zpsygh7gyvn.jpg
The Cloud b Snuzzle provides a snuggle when Mom’s need it most.  This cuddly, soft vest comes with a plush polyester fabric that is durable and easy to clean. It’s the perfect plush wrap for cuddles, snuggles, and family fun. The whole family can put on their Snuzzles and pretend to be ferocious (yet friendly!) bears or soft and sweet sheep.

Now let’s get started!  Begin with a nice warm bath. There’s nothing like soaking away your day with bath bombs, flowers, and essential oils.


 photo large 28_zps9jez4mnc.jpg

[image source: Tumblr]

Music – Have a Spa Playlist ready to zone out the kids. This will come in handy for future Mommy’s Time Out. I put myself in a Mommy’s Time Out at least once a week!


 photo large 33_zpswodecntv.jpg

[image source: Tumblr]

Face Mask – whether you’re mixing your own mud mask or using your favorite store bought brand, make sure you spoil your pores!



 photo large 31_zpsqnocceb7.jpg

[image source: Tumblr]

Exfoliate with simple DIY at home products. Here’s a list of simple to use mixtures for your face and body.
 photo large 32_zps69yyifrx.jpg

[image source: Tumblr]
After your bath, you can jump right back into your Cloud b Snuzzle and relax on the couch with a refreshing glass of Cucumber Water. 


 photo large 30_zpsz08sw4rt.jpg

[image source: Tumblr]


Mothers Day should be about YOU. It’s your time to relax and feel pampered. Hopefully, this at-home spa experience will be one you never forget! Enjoy!


💗 Happy Mothers Day! 💗


Disclosure: A Cloud b Snuzzle was provided for the purposes of a review. As always, all opinions of own my own. For full disclosures please visit about section.

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