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Lemonade Recipes with a Twist! #Lemonade

No … this post isn’t about Beyonce and that kind of Lemonade.  This is the kind of Lemonade you’ll be serving up at your next gathering or BBQ!

Lemonade just screams summer. It’s one of my favorite drinks to devour while pregnant. Not only because it’s iced and sweet but because there are so many ways to give it a twist. Whether you’re mixing your juice with coconut water or adding garnishes that give a flavorful kick, there’s really no way to stir wrong …

Naughty or Nice Ginger Lemonade

 photo lemonade1_zpsypnobfjk.jpg

[Credit Port and Fin]

Sparkling Honey Rosemary Lemonade

 photo lemonade3_zps64k3xc2e.jpg

[Credit: Nutmegnanny]

Sparkling Pineapple Lemonade

 photo lemonadebeauty_zps32u3ex09.jpg

[Credit: Create Craft Love]


From plain to perfected you can never go wrong with a chilled glass of lemonade! what are your favorite drinks to sip on during the warm summer days? share your thoughts or recipes to be featured!

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