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Summer Fun! Things To Do with Toddler, Tween & Teens!

Two more days until Summer officially begins in our home. That’s two more days until the end of the school year and the only peace and quiet I’m ever going to get before baby arrives.

Here are TONS of exciting things to do this summer with your toddler, tween, teen and even your favorite mommy friends! my favorite? a DIY Spa Day!


 photo 5843f29596d09e7df59614ead5fce804_zpsklxjmwq2.jpg

Via []


 photo 5950652d69f4f9710949832bccd87106_zpsrfolu5p7.jpg

Via []


 photo 1a524b8b4922a1ee0bebb67aae1c2b17_zps0k9n0cmj.jpg

Via [vegasfamilyevents]

 photo ea5365492c7a74e5d6c37f793712c6da_zpsbzd8vdc7.jpg

Via [TheMadHouse]

 photo a2e4597c348c2e936fdf6d0e96b7712e_zpsmrxg4be4.jpg

Via [Tricia Goyer]

Thanks to these amazing bloggers and their solutions on how to keep kids occupied this summer! what are you favorite ways to keep your kids busy this summer?

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