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Use your kitchen to go natural this Summer! #DIYBeauty

As a Mom, I’m always in the kitchen. If I’m not behind a desk while the kids are at school I’m either getting paperwork done on the counter, playing a psychiatrist over the phone or getting breakfast, lunch and dinner ready.

The kitchen is my sanity!

Last week my oldest asked if she could make her own makeup over the summer. It started off with a Kool Aide lipgloss tutorial she saw on Youtube followed by a DIY Lemon Juice hair lightening spray. I don’t know if I wanted to cringe at what her next beauty hack request would be or teach myself a thing or two on DIY Beauty that could be passed down to my girls.

I can’t think of any beauty secret that has been passed down generations which involve makeup. Why not create a minimalist approach that’s natural, safer and doesn’t require an Instagram filter.
 photo e4b26c9bb199abe314e0c625c8604b55_zpsjnwzgh5j.jpg
Source: [Thriving on Paleo]
 photo 94368b0650b5527c39e457d594756d97_zpseu6oaydb.jpg

Source[ PureJojoba]

 photo 31752ef74553a2729ee4d83cc5c8a3e9_zpsguktegj6.jpg
Source [Hello Natural]
 photo 8bbd90b01c6405f2411cfebb3f4addb7_zpsvzgiakal.jpg

Source: [My Little Beauty Corner]

 photo befc60ed515c6baa09bcb25cc3fc2736_zpshpico3hn.jpg
Source [Thriving on Paleo]
 photo ecdab57dab0eaf2b06887a095ef04a35_zpsvojqlycl.jpg

Source: [Redefined Mom]

 photo 3e7550300fc30b02970ca8f738bf8934_zps0phefkhe.jpg
Source: [Dont Waste The Crumbs]
 photo e70dd722fcb03f3fd36cdf6a3f86d0a3_zpsxoqymtdr.jpg
Source [A Blossoming Life]
 photo 5513db1cfe22a390dc5316329d71c526_zpsrcg9l1ea.jpg
Source [Daily Mom]


The beauty of creating your own makeup at home is being able to control the ingredients you use on your skin while creating custom colors that match each skin tone. I love the thought of being able to add versatility while skipping toxic chemicals.

Have you tried making your own makeup at home? share your thoughts below!

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