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Back To School Must Haves for Mom + Kids. The latest Trends, Tips, and Styles! #MomTrendsBTS

Back to school shopping can be a nightmare for Mom’s if you don’t start shopping before the Madness begins. Here are a few of my favorite tips to prevent you from going insane!

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Back to School Tips

I’m going to skip the craziness and catch a head start by skipping the lines and ordering online! Let’s start with Tip #1 – Label everything before the teachers tell you to! it can get a little tedious when you have more than one kid but it’s the only way to stay sane at home and at school. That’s why we love Mabel’s Labels. Just peel, stick and you’re good to go! plus they’re always having amazing deals on their back to school sets.

Mabel’s Labels

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Whether you need to label your kids’ clothes or your kitchen canisters, Mabel’s Labels has all of your needs covered. Perfect for backpacks, lunch containers, clothes, pencil cases and so much more, these labels are a must have on your back-to-school shopping list!

  • Check out the My School Years! My School Years Book is an excellent keepsake of your child’s school years – from preschool to 12th grade! With oversized pockets and 34 pages, it’s the perfect place to keep everything from class photos to artwork and reports. No more bits and pieces placed anywhere and everywhere – keep it all in just one spot and look back on it for years to come


Tip #2 – Lice Prevention! No Mom ever wants to get that phone call from the school nurse. Yuck! stock up ahead of time and be prepared.


Vamousse Lice Treatment is clinically proven to kill both lice and eggs in one treatment – even super lice.  It works by compromising the outer protective layer of lice and their eggs, allowing exposure to the active ingredient, Natrum Muriaticum (sodium chloride). This ingredient kills by dehydration and osmotic stress, leading to gut rupture.

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Healthy Fast Food!

 photo PicsArt_07-17-12.20.28_zpsq2cm62sa.jpg

Tip #3– Stock up on healthy snacks. Keep them in the car, fridge, and pantry! As quick and easy as fast food can be, it’s just not healthy for your little ones. One study found that children who ate  fast foods were more likely to consume a higher amount of calories, fat, carbohydrates and added sugars. Keep it clean and organic with products like Earth’s Best and Ella’s Kitchen. The Earth’s Best Organic and Ella’s Kitchen create healthy, and organic foods that are perfect for babies and kids, plus busy moms like me can sneak a smoothie fruit box to go. They’re delicious!

  • Pack your lunches with Nalgene Lunch Box Buddy. With the roomy, rugged Lunch Buddy, their food will stay cool and their sandwiches will be safe from getting smushed. At day’s end, just wipe it clean and refill for the next adventure.

 photo PicsArt_07-17-12.18.13_zpsugcvi2vq.jpg

Tip #4– As Mom’s we’re always putting our family first. Whether you’re skipping breakfast while rushing out the door, make sure you grab something quick, healthy and delicious.  USANA MySmart shakes is made with NO sugar, LESS calories per serving, more protein, and more fiber. Best of all, you can choose one of 5 delicious flavors to add to your shake.

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Tip #5 – Ease the Back to School stress with Play-doh or Chew Beads! Let’s face it. Kids are under a lot of stress. There’s making new friends, new routines, and new responsibilities. Making creations with Play-doh can take their mind off for a little bit while Chew Beads can be worn at school in style as military dog tags. For Mom’s the stress can cause breakouts! Paula’s Choice Skincare collection of expertly formulated products
has everything you need to finally get rid of acne.

Tip #6 – It’s okay to hire help when you need it! I’m on baby number 3 and I’m now accepting the fact that I can’t do it all! The Nanny League understands the importance of providing both families and nannies with clear guidelines to foster open communications from the start of this special relationship.


Back to School Style

 photo 27660858143_a5155ff023_k-768x1152_zps3zixvscg.jpg
Photo Credit [] that cool background is by Wallpops!

Style – Check out my oldest strutting her Back to School style rocking Joules. As Britain’s best-loved family lifestyle brand, Joules delights in making clothing, accessories, and homewares more exciting by making it extraordinary. Make the first day of school stand out in style!

AccessoriesYoobi is the gift that gives back! How exactly does it work? For every Yoobi item purchased at a Target Store or at, Yoobi will donate a Yoobi item to Kids In Need Foundation and/or other donation partners for distribution to a classroom in need in the United States. Donated items may include pencils, glue sticks, erasers, rulers, folders, crayons, colored pencils, or other items.


By now we Moms know the back to school routine a little too well. Remember to skip the stress by keeping up with a routine. From laying clothes out and packing lunches the night before to making sure your camera is fully charged and memory cleared, make sure you show the kids that you’ve got this!








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