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Homework + Staying organized! Back to School Tips for Tweens. #BTS #DIY

Shopping for a house full of girls is my specialty! but back to school shopping for a tween can be tricky if you don’t have a game plan. I mean it! with my 10-year-old daughter beginning middle school in September, there’s now locker essentials and emergency kit must haves added into our back to school shopping list.


 photo large 98_zpsxvxd2eud.jpg

The fun part for her is getting to stock up on gel pens, highlighters, markers, and anything neon or scented. I’m all for it as long as it’s encouraging her to study! Make sure to pick out colorful supplies that will keep her motivated and writing notes.

Study Tips

Pop Quiz! who says Mom’s can’t give their kid an after school pop quiz! it’s the perfect way to see what they’ve absorbed and what they need more study time on. Make sure they understand the points and that they re-read their notes from class. Let them doodle away if it gets them to visually learn!


 photo PicsArt_08-04-09.18.17_zps7bksvaux.jpg


Locker Essentials

I think my daughter is more excited to get her own locker than to see her friends! since this is not only a new responsibility for her I want her to feel as if she’s digging into my purse when she needs something. Mama has it all right?

Make sure she keeps her place stocked and organized. From dry erase boards to set daily reminders to colorful binders to help keep her work organized, keeping her space stocked will ensure she stays on track.


 photo PicsArt_08-04-09.48.39_zps5glhwz6i.jpg


Stocking a Emergency Kit

We’ve all been there …Whether you rushed out the door without brushing your teeth or forgot to put your deodorant on before leaving the house. Stuff happens. For a tween it can feel like their worst day ever. Relax!

Stock a small bag with everything your little girl will need for the days that just didn’t start out quite right.

 photo PicsArt_08-04-11.03.01_zpse0ga9cz3.jpg


Is your girl ready for Back to School? what are your best tips to make the transition go smoothly?

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