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Celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month with Philips Avent Gear + Breastfeeding essentials #Giveaway

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. For expectant Moms, breastfeeding can be challenging. Here are 13 facts to help you understand what your body will be going through and the benefits for baby.

  • Breastfed babies typically get sick less. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of ear infections, diarrhea, and stomach problems.
  • Children who are breastfed have a lower rate of certain illnesses as they grow up. Babies who are not breastfed have a higher risk of asthma, diabetes, and childhood obesity. Since African-Americans are at an increased risk for these conditions, it’s important to understand the long-term benefits of breastfeeding.
  • Your baby can smell you. Newborns have a strong sense of smell and know the unique scent of your breast milk. That is why your baby will turn his or her head to you when he or she is hungry.
  • Your baby can see you up close and personal. Babies are born extremely nearsighted, which means they can only see things about 8 to 15 inches away. That also happens to be the distance between your face and your baby’s face when breastfeeding. So when your baby locks eyes with you, it’s a true bonding moment.
  • Breastfeeding allows your body to recover from pregnancy and childbirth more quickly. The hormones released when you breastfeed make your uterus contract back to its pre-pregnancy size.
  • Breastfeeding exposes your baby to many different tastes. Formula has one taste. But through your breast milk, your baby eventually gets a slight taste of whatever you eat, although not directly. This will later make introducing solid foods easier.
  • Breastfeeding may help you to lose weight. Mothers who exclusively breastfeed can burn as many as 600 calories a day, which may help you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in moms.
  • Breastfeeding can save a family more than $1,200 to $1,500 in formula-related expenses in a baby’s first year alone.
  • Your body starts getting ready to breastfeed during pregnancy. After you give birth, your body gets the final signal to make milk, which is usually more than one newborn can handle. Why? Your body doesn’t know whether you have one, two, three, four, or more babies to feed. Your supply then regulates to meet your baby’s (or babies’) needs.
  • Before your milk comes in, in the first few days after birth, your breasts make a thick, sticky, yellowish fluid sometimes referred to as “liquid gold.” Called colostrum, this liquid has the calcium, potassium, proteins, minerals, and antibodies your baby needs. Your baby needs only a few teaspoons to feel full and stay healthy until your milk flow increases, about two to five days after birth.
  • Your breast milk changes during a feeding session. When your baby first starts to nurse, your milk is a watery bluish color. Toward the end of the feeding session, your baby gets to thicker, fattier milk, which gives your baby the calories needed to grow healthy and strong.
  • Breast milk heals. Breast milk is filled with special components that are designed to help fight infection and cut down on swelling in the breast. So, if your breasts are sore those first few days, gently massaging some of your milk into your nipples and breasts can soothe the soreness and speed up recovery. – WH

Why Express?

  • To maintain your milk flow during separation from your baby.
  • If your baby is ill or premature.
  • To encourage milk to flow before your baby starts to feed.
  • To empty engorged breasts, in case of blocked ducts, mastitis or when nipples are sore.
  • To encourage/build-up milk supply, in addition to regular breastfeeding


Philips AVENT is dedicated to encouraging breastfeeding, as breast milk provides optimal nutrition and immuno-protection for a newborn baby. Check out the Philips Avent essentials package.

 photo Avent_zps4znvoqgj.jpg
Philips Avent Natural Bottle
For an easy transition from breast to bottle – Philips Avent Natural Bottle
• Wide, breast-shaped nipple makes it easy for baby to latch-on
• Unique comfort ‘petals’ inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without collapse
• Advanced anti-colic system with innovative twin valve allows air into the bottle – not baby’s tummy
• Available in retailer-exclusive deco designs
• Suggested retail: $8.99

 photo image003_zps2ox2r5xq.png
Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump
• Innovative massaging petals in the soft breast cushion mimic baby’s natural suckling to help simulate letdown and milk flow
• Unique design – features short flanges, so mom can sit in an upright, relaxed position
• Fits all Philips Avent bottles and storage containers, so there’s never a need to transfer breast milk
• Suggested retail: $44.99- $149.99

 photo image007_zpsenxwbptc.png
Philips Avent Breastfeeding Essentials Set
Developed with a breastfeeding expert to support and care for moms as they breastfeed
Thermogel pads for dual use – warm to stimulate breast milk flow or use cold for soothing and relief
Breast pads for absorption and comfort both day and night
Suggested retail: $13.99
 photo SCF603_25-IMS-en_US_zpsqhcahwnj.png
Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bags
Freezer safe, with reinforced seams and dual layer bag for safe storage
Secure, leak-proof double zip
Self-standing bag for ease of filling and pouring, with a write-on tab making it easy to date and track milk volume
Suggested retail: $5.99

Helpful Tips:

  • On average you will need to pump for 10 minutes to express 60-120ml of breast milk from one breast, but this may vary from woman to woman.
  • It may be helpful to continue to gently massage the breast towards the nipple throughout, as this may help with let-down.
  • If you are away from your baby try using relaxation techniques and visual imagery before and during pumping to stimulate let-down reflex.
  • Stop expressing as soon as the milk stops flowing or if unsuccessful after 5 minutes to avoid damaging breast tissue¹ and consult your breastfeeding advisor.
  • Always switch off the electric breast pump before you remove the pump body from your breast.


In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month 3citygirlsnyc has teamed up with Philips Avent Gear to bring you an incredible giveaway! A breastfeeding essentials package featuring ALL of the items above!

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