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When you don’t have Mary Poppins you get a Vivitar Home Automation Starter Kit! @VivitarOfficial #Safety #NewMom #Baby

Being a parent is a busy job. You need eyes all around at all times no matter what age they are. When shopping around for a baby monitor I knew I needed a device with versatility. A camera that could serve multiple purposes even after the baby is grown. I decided to skip a traditional baby monitor and go straight for smart home technology.

With the Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit, I’m getting a peace of mind. This kit has everything I need. I can set timers to turn the light on and off and with it’s talk 2 u technology I’m able to communicate to the sitter through the camera and as a Pet Mom, this is a bonus! it’s a great way to get your pets to listen to you when you’re not home.

 photo vivitar3_zps8hkuwqhm.jpg

This complete kit includes:

  • Wi-Fi motion sensor camera with voice-over capabilities
  • Wi-Fi electric outlet with 2 USB ports
  • Wi-Fi LED light bulb

What I love about the Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit is that I’m able to turn my phone into a baby monitor or surveillance camera when I’m not home.

 photo PicsArt_09-25-11.22.17_zpsqatihzgk.jpg

The Smart Plug gives you control of your appliances so you can turn off or on a lamp, tv, or anything with a click of a button on your cell phone and The Smart Lightbulb screws into any standard socket, giving you the ability to monitor motion and temperature through your smartphone.
 photo Vivitar1_zpsadp89umu.jpg
The Wi-Fi motion sensor camera helps you stream super clear HD video securely to your phone or tablet with the built-in app or over WiFi and has motion detection, night vision, and multi-camera viewing angles making it easier to watch the entire room. I’m able to watch my entrance and exit on the first floor and even the stairs!

The Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit has definitely brought comfort and security into our home. It was simple to assemble, easy to download the Vivitar Go-Life Smart Home Manager app and is the perfect way to make your home a smart home!

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*Disclosure: Thank you to Vivitar for providing 3citygirlsnyc with a Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit for purposes of a review.

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