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3 Philips Avent Products I love! #NewMom #Newborn #MTNightOut

Baby bottles come in all colors and sizes and finding the right one came with many trials and tribulations. With years of experience under my Mommy belt, for me, I knew I didn’t have to look far for the best baby bottle. I went with Philips AVENT! it’s the brand I used for all of my girls and will recommend it for all new Moms.

As a new Mom of 3 constantly on the go, I didn’t want a bottle that was going to spill through my diaper bag, leak on my baby’s neck, or flowed too heavy during feedings. With the NEW Philips Avent Anti-colic bottles, I’ve noticed that Mila transitioned very well. From our experience, she’s been such a happy baby! and no leaky messes in my diaper bag!

Philips AVENT Anti-colic Bottles are clinically proven to help reduce colic with an anti-colic nipple that vents air away from baby’s tummy. Their anti-colic bottles come in different sizes to grow with baby. From 4oz to 11 oz! and are available in different colors.


 photo PicsArt_10-07-04.18.29_zpskbllqayb.jpg

Their Natural Nipples come in a different flow …

  • First flow
    Ideal for preemies and newborns
  • Newborn flow
    Ideal for newborns and breastfed babies of all ages
  • Slow flow
    Ideal for newborns 1m+ and breastfed babies of all ages
  • Medium flow
    For babies 3 months of age and up
  • Fast flow
    Faster flow for babies 6 months of age and up
  • Variable flow
    Adjust to 3 different flow rates by simply turning the bottle.

 photo Avent1_zps1flyd1wj.jpg

 photo Avent7_zpsstfj5vrg.jpg

Philips AVENT Baby Bottles are designed with

-Anti-colic valve
-Designed to prevent leakage while feeding
-Wide neck for easy filling and cleaning
-BPA free
-Ergonomic shape that’s comfortable for mom and baby to hold
-Different nipple flow rates that grow with your baby



Avent Night Time Pacifiers

How many times has your baby cried in the middle of the night because their binky was buried underneath their bum or a blanket? I love that the Philips AVENT nighttime pacifiers have handles that GLOW in the dark! even more Mom points for their protective  hygienic cap. Perfect for Mom on the GO!

 photo Avent5_zpsf14rg6ka.jpg

 photo Avent3_zpscwyoanpe.jpg


Philips AVENT Soothie Pacifier

 photo Avent8_zpsiygsdnl4.jpg

 photo Avent9_zps0ooszozz.jpg


Mila loves her soothie pacifiers! don’t they look like little bears? they’re so cute and flexible and don’t leave binky indents on her cheeks from sucking too hard. As a Mom, I love that they are orthodontic and BPA-Free. My 6-year-old couldn’t live without her binky up until she was 3 years old and looking at her teeth today you could never tell!  Plus these come in an adorable 2 pack of pink and purple and go for less than 6 bucks!

Visit to learn more about their products for your family.


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