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Sparkling Holiday Sangria With MYX Fusions! #GetInTheMYX

Sangria is the perfect go-to drink that guest love to sip on. Whether in the summer or Fall a classic sangria is always a crowd pleaser! it’s easy to make and depending on your party theme you can always switch up the flavors with fruits that are in season. Like Pomegranate!

This year I’ve become a little obsessed with Pomegranate. I feel like I’m “remixing” all of my Fall favorites with a sprinkle of Pomegranate seeds here and there. I decided while making my Holiday Sangria to experiment with soaking my seeds in a bowl of MYX Moscato & Mango! Delish!

About MYX Fusions
MYX Fusions revolutionized the wine industry by leveraging the explosive popularity of Moscato and improving the experience of drinking it, becoming the fastest growing wine beverage in America. With much success, the brand has introduced another product line – SANGRIA. MYX Fusions now offers both Moscato and Sangria wines in various flavors, all packaged in sleek 187ml and 375ml (Moscato) signature bottles. The easy to open, twist off cap makes MYX the perfect choice for any casual occasion, while the beautifully designed package and premium quality delivers the elegance of the wine. Get the best of both worlds.

 photo Myx_zpsb4nos0mh.jpg

 photo 20161113_182457_zpsner5v51s.jpg

 photo 20161113_184408_zpswwo99und.jpg

 photo 20161113_151949_zpsamj9eh4u.jpg

 photo 20161113_172849_zpsfb5zz3jk.jpg

 photo 20161113_1731110_zpszarq38jf.jpg

MYX Fusion makes holiday entertaining so much easier! with all these delicious flavors you can really mix up your own creation! Check out my Holiday Sangria Recipe using my favorite MYX flavors below.

SANGRIA CLASSICO – A new take on a classic. Combining a traditional Spanish Red with lemon, orange, cassis, peach – MYX has created a new ready to drink beverage that will be easily understood and enjoyed by your consumers all year long.

Moscato & Mango –  Discover layers of refreshing tropical mango, mingling with Moscato’s nectar allusions. Savor the flavor of fresh and juicy mangos while swaying to the breeze and enjoying the exotic.

Moscato – The seductive taste of Moscato Wine is enriched with hints of apricot, vanilla, and honey. Natural fruit juices and effervescent bubbles refresh the palette and leave with a sweet and subtle finish.

Moscato & Peach – Drawing on the already peachy highlights of Moscato Wine, Myx Fusions Moscato & Peach enlivens the taste and aroma of the ripe, summer nectar. Fragrant, fruity bubbles are the passageway to a sweet, sparkling getaway.

MYX Holiday Sangria Recipe

  • One Bottle of Dry Red Wine (chilled)
  • One Bottle of MYX Fusions Classic Sangria
  • 4 cups of MYX Moscato Wine
  • 1/4 cup of Brandy
  • 1 cup of Orange Juice
  • 2 Lemons thinly sliced
  • Chilled Ice Cubes for Serving


In a large pitcher combine all the ingredients. Stir well-adding lemon slices and pomegranate seeds last.


 soak the seeds of 1 pomegranate overnight in MYX Moscato & Mango. 

 photo 20161113_165701_zpswvc162qz.jpg

MYX Fusions is perfect for holiday entertaining. Whether you’re “remixing” your classic signature drinks or serving up the Moscato and Sangria wines straight up in its sleek signature bottles. They’re perfect for gifting! To learn more or to locate a retailer near you visit

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*Disclosure: This post was made possible thanks to MYX Fusions. Products were provided for review purposes. Please drink responsibly. As always, all opinions are of my own

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