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Verizon Unveils The GizmoTab! The Ultimate Learning Experience for Kids! @Verizon #GizmoKids

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One the hardest things of being a Mom is trying to have your eyes where! last year when my little girl was in Kindergarten, I was so relieved with our GizmoPal watch. I had eyes on her when I needed to the most. Whether it was during class trips or family outings, knowing her location and being able to communicate with her was  a relief.

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Now, you can imagine my relief during the launch of Verizon’s GizmoTab! the next generation of kid’s tablet. With the GizmoTab, parents can monitor their child’s progress and set time limits which is great for parents who need extra “eyes”. This is also perfect for Mom’s who want to reward their child with play time for during good in school or helping out around the house.

In my home my girls earn their time online. It really helps to keep the balance. I’ve noticed the girls even do extra chores for game time and I don’t mind. They really don’t realize that they’re actually learning! that’s because the GizmoTab is designed to jump start your child’s learning experience from educational games in English language arts, math, science, to coloring apps that really dig into your child’s imagination.

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And although the games are intended for ages 3-8, my 11 year old loves that I was able to bring over her favorite “big girl” apps from the Google play store onto our GizmoTab. This really saves me the headache on road trips to my brothers house or Friday night dinners with the family.

And since my girls are tough, I can relax knowing that the GizmoTab comes with a removable bumper that can withstand a tug-of-war drop! and for an OCD Mom like me that means less scratches. I love that my girls can also stream movies and surf the web giving them way more options than just a ol’ plain tablet. The GizmoTab is truly tailored for a kids needs.

Additional specs:

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 617 Octa Core processor Android Marshmallow OS
  • RAM: 3GB; Flash:16GB memory; upgradeable to 128GB with microSD card (sold separately)
  • 8MP rear camera; 5MP front camera 1080p video recording

Activate your GizmoTab on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network and receive unlimited access to 300 premium learning apps handpicked by educational experts, featuring recognizable brands and characters that children love, including: Crayola, DreamWorks Animation, Hasbro, The Jim Henson Company, Highlights for Children, HiT Entertainment, National Geographic, Sesame Workshop, Toca Boca and more — at no additional charge. That’s a $600 value to get your kids learning as soon as they turn on GizmoTab.

GizmoTab is available from Verizon online and in stores NOW!  You can purchase yours for $79.99 with new two-year activation. A standard data plan is required to access the free 300 premium learning apps. For a limited time, buy a GizmoTab and receive a gift card to one of the following: Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, or The Gap. Add a GizmoPal 2 or a GizmoGadget and receive a $100 gift card. Additional colored bumpers and kickstands will be available to personalize your GizmoTab with your child’s favorite colors. For more information about the GizmoTab visit

This is perfect for the holidays!

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