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Don’t Fall Off Track! Here’s 3 Easy Tips To Help You Feel Better About Your New Year’s Resolutions. #GetItGirl

Rules are meant to be broken. I’m 4 days into the New Year and 4 hours into 2017 I was already breaking my “diet”. Don’t judge! Tomorrow is a new day to start fresh! Besides, I didn’t really have any crazy resolutions other than to include at least one healthy meal into my day, add a little bit of physical activity into my routine ( I’m lazy!) and have a little more ME time … and by “me” time, I mean kicking the kids out of my bed!

Sooo…Let’s get back on track! to help you feel better in 2017, let’s kick it off with a few DIY’s, starting with an At Home Mommy Spa.  I’ve already embraced the fact that I’m never leaving the house to relax. It’s just not happening  … and even if I did I could never truly enjoy myself because I’d be thinking about my kids the entire time. I’m obsessed with staying home!!! Okay, now onto the mask…

 photo 20161205_174233_zpscm2luljw.jpg

Earth Kiss Face Mask come in a variety of mask. There’s Moroccan Clay, White Thai Clay, and Detox Clay, just to name a few. They’re ALL energized with 85 plant nutrients and the ones I’ve sampled all smell pretty incredible. Straight from nature! you start off with what feels like an exfoliator which then turns into a tightening face mask.  You can feel every pore getting a deep clean and conditioning treatment. I literally couldn’t talk! that’s how tight it felt! (I’m obsessed!)  Rinse and voila! your face will feel like you just came out of a spa!

 photo PicsArt_01-04-09.21.15_zpsdmffvln0.jpg

So smooth! and perfect for dry winter skin!

 photo PicsArt_01-04-09.30.56_zpsk3djunl7.jpg

Each packet of Earth Kiss Face Mask come in 0.59 packets and have about 2 masks per packet. The Mediterranean Clay and Volcanic Pumice smelled of tea tree oil, cocoa, rosemary, and aloe. Amazing! to learn more about Earth Kiss or where to buy visit


DIY Smoothie Bowls with Wyman’s of Maine

 photo 20170105_213611_zpslj5riz3c.png

Wyman’s of Maine frozen fruit makes meals on the go easy! I’m talking about less than 10 minutes for a delicious Smoothie Bowl! they’re packaged in convenient resealable bags, which makes clean up a breeze for Moms on the go! their new frozen fruits and blends give you all the delicious and healthy benefits of fruit made easy! this is the perfect way to stay on track this New Year!

To make:

  1. In a blender or processor, add Wyman’s of Maine frozen Wild Blueberries, Strawberries, and Banana Slices or your choice of any Whyman’s Frozen Fruit. Blend until creamy. No Chunks. Pour into a bowl.
  2. I added fresh sliced bananas, shredded coconut and melted peanut butter on top.Serve immediately.

For more recipes visit



If I could turn back the hands of time I would wish that Yoga was introduced to me earlier in life! Although my kids are better at Yoga than me, I have made a promise ( and I hate promises) to TRY and add Yoga back into my life … here’s a quick simple tutorial to get you back in the groove or at least YouTubing some basic moves…

 photo 59aefcc519aa4b7cdbc2b992dc96d2b0_zpsgb2ccdyb.jpg

Happy New Year!

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