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A Cuddle Before I Go. Give Baby Lots of Cuddles With A CuddleBright Security Blanket! @CuddleBright #Baby

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When it comes to separation anxiety no one knows or understands it more than me! I’m always with my babies but when they’re not around me they suffer from separation anxiety. Whether it was the first day of school, first dentist visit or their first time with a sitter … children need comfort. So with the arrival of baby number 3, I wanted her to experience the same sense of security and comfort my older girls had.

What I love about the CuddleBright experience is that everything you and baby need is all in one package! the CuddleBright experience includes:

  • 140-Page hardcover CuddleBright™ Parenting Guide
  • Tan CuddleBright™ Puppy Lovie
  • 18-page A Cuddle Before I Go Board Book featuring the CuddleBright™ Puppy Lovie and a 3”x5” frame on the back for a photo of you and your child
  • CuddleBright™ Keepsake Heart

The CuddleBright™ Experience begins with the CuddleBright™ Parenting Guide. Developed by the child-development experts at the Simms/Mann Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to health and wellness, this 140-page guide covers 18 essential topics related to your child’s social and emotional development and provides practical skills and everyday strategies to help your child thrive. The knowledge you’ll gain from this guide, coupled with your constant care and love, will get your child off to a healthy start. Reading even a short section a day, or week, or as you’re able, will help you learn to support your child’s ability to adapt to challenges and be ready to learn.
Topics include:

  • Creating routines and rituals
  • Making bye-bye better
  • The art of being present
  • Speaking in Parentese
  • Teaching your child to manage frustration
  • Teaching empathy
  • Setting limits and boundaries
  • Talking tantrums
  • Making up after mistakes
  • And so much more!

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The book, “A Cuddle Before I Go.” is a story of a Mom and baby’s bye-bye routine. It includes a connect, comfort and calm rubber heart that Mom can hold close to her to think of baby. On the back of the book (which stays with baby) has an insert so that you can put a photo of yourself to comfort baby while you’re away. Isn’t this so clever?

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The CuddleBright Lovie is a super soft bear blanky with knots tied on each end. There’s also a heart which can clip and hold onto a binky! baby Mila just loves chewing the knots which soothe her gums. Everything about the CuddleBright experience is calming and soothing! I also love that Lovie can be machine washed making it so much easier to wash away any germs.

 photo CuddleBright00_zps1ft0npch.jpg

The CuddleBright™ Experience is available now for $39.95 at To celebrate the launch of CuddleBright™ Experience, the Simms/Mann Institute is donating $1 million to early learning programs and brain science research.



*Disclosure: This post was made possible thanks to CuddleBright.  Products were provided for review purposes. Read full disclosure in Media Kit. 

One thought on “A Cuddle Before I Go. Give Baby Lots of Cuddles With A CuddleBright Security Blanket! @CuddleBright #Baby

  1. I love that this realizes separation anxiety goes both ways! I usually have a small toy or something in my bag that JustaBXgirl has sent with me to ensure I hurry home!

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