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3 Trendy & Chic Mom Outfits Of The Day #MOTD

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When I use to think of Mom fashion, I would think of long denim skirts, over-sized button down shirts and clogs. Then I became a Mom… a mom to very opinionated girls. Girls that will tell me to wait in the car if I came to pick them up in a velour tracksuit, flip flops and a messy high bun.

Don’t be that Mom! here are 3 of my favorite go to styles that look like I’m not crawling back into bed.

Jacket – whether it’s a leather jacket, army jacket or a pea coat over a t-shirt, you’re still going to look like a Mom-star! even with a chew bead necklace …

Rockstar boots – I love a great pair of boots that I can slip on and off. Almost like a pair of fuzzy slippers just with a little more effort.

Shades – other than chapstick,  I’m not wearing any make up in the mornings and I hate morning chats. If a big pair of black shades don’t give off the “I’m in a rush” look then a good t-shirt with a sarcastic quote will work.

Hobo bag – I refuse to walk around with a diaper bag! I’m not fully giving into the “I’m a Mom” look.  I’m all for a big bag with multi uses. Do you know how many lunches you can carry around in a hobo bag? or changes of clothing for your kids? just sayin’ ….

Scarf – a scarf will save you from so much! in an emergency it’s my burp cloth, diaper pad, napkin, head wrap and sun guard when I’m driving! but seriously … it gives you a little fashion swagger when you need it.


 photo dcf951d0-3136-4e94-bc6a-8936e2ede21f_zpsbqp2bood.jpg



What are your favorite go to mom looks?  share below!

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