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Bodyshred + Abs & A$$ Class at @CrunchGym #NoJudgements

After baby number 3 my energy level has fizzled. I’m lucky enough if I can align my daughters pigtails the same height in the morning. I’m a Mom-bie! living off caffeine and 3 hours of sleep.

If I’m going to workout it’s not going to be alone listening to music from my phone. I need a class that’s going to push me to my limit and remind me of the energy I once had. Is it bad that I love a little torture?

I’m down for anything that’s going to transform my body back to it’s pre-baby bod and I’m not talking about big muscles …gross! I want definition and to get my heart back into shape too.

 photo Crunch2_zps1xhum36x.jpg

 photo Crunch0_zpsdbloialn.jpg

When Brianne from SITC invited me for classes at Manhattans Crunch’s newest gym location on 66th Street and 3rd Avenue, I knew this was something not to be missed.

The first 30 minute class was called BodyShred, designed by Jillian Michaels. Using Michaels’s infamous 3-2-1 circuit-training approach, the class involves four circuits of three minutes of strength training, two minutes of cardio, and one minute of abs.

The second session was 20 minutes long and called Ass & Abs and by this point you can do anything because you’re completely in the the crunch zone and I mean that in a completely fit kind of way. I think 30 minutes classes are great for busy Moms trying to squeeze a little “me” time into their schedule. Between great music and incredibly patient trainers I can definitely see myself going back for some classes.

For Crunch Fitness locations, classes, and training visit and to score a free one day pass visit



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