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We Put The New Mythbusters Exhibit To The Test At Liberty Science Center! And So Should You! #MTMyth #LibertyScienceCenter

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I have been watching the Mythbusters series way before the days of being a Mom so you can imagine the excitement I had for my girls to put the MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition to the test at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.

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The 4th-floor exhibit was filled with props from the iconic MythBusters set and children of all ages, including parents, were excited to explore the hands-on exhibit. I myself had a little fun challenging my daughter to an interactive experiment at Tablecloth Chaos. I’ve seen it done so many times on television that I really thought I had it. I guess not! there’s always next time.

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My niece challenged my nerves during a Live Demonstration on stage where guest can participate in a live science demonstration with an audience. On the day we visited we transformed into scientist ourselves to test a hypothesis. Our task? Can You Dodge a Bullet! can you? you’ll just have to find out for yourself while visiting the exhibit.

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At the MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition you can explore The Blueprint Room which showcases over 60 artifacts salvaged from over 700 experiments during the series and also visit The Workshop where you can get hands-on and explore myths such as:

Airplane on a Conveyor Belt: Can an airplane take off in one direction while it’s on a conveyor belt that is moving in the opposite direction at the same speed?

Butter Side Up: Does it always seem that a dropped piece of toast lands butter side down?

Big Bad Wolf: “The Three Little Pigs” fairy tale told us that the Big Bad Wold was incapable of blowing down a house of bricks. How do the bricks really stack up?

Running in the Rain: Will running, rather than walking, in the rain really keep you drier? I wish I could tell you the answer but you’re going to have to test this theory out yourself the way we all did.

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From hands on gadgets, props, experiments, and visitor participation, your curiosity will have you putting these Myths to the test. Trust me! you’re not leaving this place until you’ve completed a handful of these myths. It’s as if you can’t help but compete with yourself.

The kids had so much fun exploring the MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition that it really ignited their passion for science. The entire car ride home began with sentences like “Imagine if” … and I couldn’t help but notice how many kids were off their gadgets. That’s kind of like another exhibit in itself right?

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Tip: Your kids are not going to want to leave so make sure you space out enough time to see everything! and I mean everything! the exhibit runs from now until September 4, 2017. So get testing!

To learn more about the MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition or on upcoming events, pricing, schedules, and exhibits visit

Disclosure: This post was made possible thanks to Momtrends. The content and opinions expressed here are of my own.

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