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From Newborn To Infant. What’s In My Diaper Bag? The Smoothe Transition. #Baby

 photo Baby3ssentials_zpsypwgkeka.jpeg

Running around with a baby isn’t easy but you quickly soon learn the do’s and don’ts of life with a diaper bag. Eventually, it gets a little lighter as you learn all the essentials your baby really needs along the way and so far I’m enjoying the transition from newborn to baby. There’s going from bottles to sippy cups, bodysuits to leggings sets and finally being able to dine out with my baby in a highchair! here are some of my favorite must-have basics:

  • Sippy Cups – my go to sippy cups are by Tommee Tippee. They’re easy to clean, has a soft spout for baby’s gums and have removable hand grips to make the transition from bottle to sippy cup easier. What a life saver!
  • Water Bottle – You’re going to need water breaks throughout your day for you and baby, so invest in a great reusable water bottle that’s going to last through many outings and tumbles.
  • Snacks – because most Mom’s skip meals make sure you carry a snack that you and baby can nibble on.
  • Plastic Bags – take your poop to go! with biodegradable bags. It makes exiting a public bathroom less smelly.
  • Baby Wipes – because there won’t be a sink everywhere!
  • Change of Clothes – for you and baby. There’s nothing like wrapping a shirt around your waist as your backup shirt.
  • Blankets – comes in handy for everything! a quick changing station, burp rag, and even a car seat cover.
  • Pacifiers – Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Everyday Pacifier for 6-18 Months has a bottle like nipple for a more familiar feeling. Perfect for soothing on the go.
  • Diapers – the golden rule is one diaper for every hour that you’re going to be out.
  • Hand Sanitizer – to keep your hands clean between diaper changes.
  • Toys – enough to keep baby entertained and in case you lose one along the way.
  • Shopping Cart Cover – to keep the germs away during trips to the supermarket or while dining out.
  • Disposable Changing Pads – because there’s nothing like changing a baby on a pad and wrapping it back up full of germs. Disposable Pads are so much easier. Just toss and go!

What is your favorite must haves for the transition from a newborn diaper bag to an infant diaper bag? Share your thoughts below!

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