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Stylish Umbrella’s That Will Have You Wishing For More Rain! #ShedRain @Target

An Umbrella is not just an umbrella. It’s part of our wardrobe and helps keep us dry but how do we stay chic in this Spring wet weather? Easy! you take cover in these stylish umbrellas from Cirra by ShedRain at Target.

These umbrellas are available in different versions including Compact, Bubble, Stick and Mini Compact.  With patterns like “Polka Dots”, “Stripes” and “Ice Cream Cones”, it’s no wonder that people are already naming them a spring favorite. Even my little girls are obsessed with the bright patterns and styles.

Below styles are ShedRain Wood Stick Umbrellas – Blue Polka Dot + ShedRain Bubble Umbrellas – Black Stripe

 photo InShot_20170422_192717_zpsml2uxku7.jpg

 photo InShot_20170422_192635_zps3glixzah.jpg

 photo InShot_20170422_192525_zpsliwm7o1j.jpg

 photo InShot_20170422_192458_zpsiegpjymu.jpg

 photo InShot_20170422_192411_zpsvbbhhqdt.jpg

 photo InShot_20170422_192300_zpsmyshd2hc.jpg

Compact Umbrella Cirra CONE Black

These umbrellas are so sturdy that they’re pretty much kid proof! My 11 year old loves how easy it is to store her umbrella in her bookbag whether it’s raining or not. The striped ShedRain Wood Stick Umbrella makes it easier for my youngest to see while dodging raindrops. Plus there’s a style for everyone in my family!

And with many rainy days ahead, why not make your weather-friendly accessories as fashionable as your spring outfits? Shop these amazing Spring/Summer 2017 selections from Cirra by ShedRain, exclusively at Target here Cirra by ShedRain

*Disclosure: This post was made possible thanks to our friends at ShedRain. The content and opinions expressed here are of my own.

One thought on “Stylish Umbrella’s That Will Have You Wishing For More Rain! #ShedRain @Target

  1. This certainly is the perfect post for NYC this week! The rain has been relentless. My umbrella for the past 15 years broke on Tuesday, as I looked around the city garbage pails were overflowing with broken umbrellas 🌂, I will definitely be on my way to Target.

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