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Lottie … STEM Dolls That Inspire Girl Power!

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As a Mom of girls, I want dolls that encourage learning through fun and that set healthy examples like making them childlike, set positive body image and are relatable. Like making dolls that look like me and my daughters.

Lottie reminds girls that you don’t need accessories filled with heels, jewelry, or makeup to fuel your imagination. Instead, you’re going to get age appropriate clothing and accessories that are fun and inspirational.

My daughter immediately noticed how soft and real Lottie’s hair felt. She fell in love with her big beautiful eyes, lashes and how cool her shoes were. Lottie can even stand on both feet and like my little girl likes to point out “she looks just you Mommy!”.  Lottie also wears clothing with velcro fastenings that make changing outfits super easy for my girl’s little hands. Check out the dolls that my daughter is currently obsessed with!

Stargazer Lottie:

Wrapped up warm in her jacket, hat, scarf and boots, Lottie feels as though she can see all of space through the lens of her telescope. The sky is full of thousands of twinkly stars and Lottie is excited to explore the beautiful night sky and learn about the star constellations and planets. If she is lucky she just might see a shooting star!


  • Dark blue velvet bomber jacket
  • Cerise-coloured dungarees
  • A long sleeve t-shirt with pale blue arms
  • Spotty scarf
  • A brown hat
  • Sturdy brown boots
  • Telescope and tripod
  • Solar system collector cards
  • Notable women in astronomy additional sheet

Special Edition Gold Collection

The Special Edition ‘Gold Collection’ ‘Stargazer’ Lottie doll is a collaboration with the European Space Agency. Find out more at ESA Space for Kids: A kid-friendly website from the European Space Agency offering space-related information, games, quizzes and photos.

 photo LottieDolls7_zpsuea9zrg0.jpg

 photo LottieDoll6_zps118ianun.jpg

Fossil Hunter Lottie:

It’s the summer holidays and Lottie can’t wait to go to Lincoln Cliff Beach to look for fossils. With her special rock hammer and backpack full of useful gear, Lottie is ready for an adventure at the cliffs by the sea. It is so exciting to think that she might make her own scientific discovery! What will she find? An ammonite? A bone from a plesiosaur? Or maybe even a dinosaur…!


  • Olive coloured gilet puffa vest
  • Turquoise blue polo short with an ammonite shell design print
  • Cargo shorts
  • Orange and white stripe socks
  • Sturdy boots
  • Baseball cap
  • A rucksack
  • Fossil hunting tools (magnifying glass, trowel and geology hammer)
  • Four ammonite fossils
  • Special collector cards about the British female fossil hunter Mary Anning
  • Notable women in paleontology additional sheet

Special Edition Gold Collection

The Special Edition ‘Gold Collection’ ‘Fossil Hunter’ Lottie doll is a collaboration with TrowelBlazers, an Anglo-American group of women archaeologists, paleontologists and geologists.

Find out more at

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STEM for girls is definitely the path I want my daughters to take and with positive role models like Lottie, it’s the perfect way to expose children to positive play and endless possibilities.

For more information visit Lottie, or, and

 ‘Be bold, be brave, be you’.

How do you encourage educational play in your home? share your thoughts below!

*Disclosure: This post was made possible thanks to Lottie Dolls! The content and opinions expressed here are of my own.

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