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Feeling Confident For Date Night With Always Discreet Boutique! #AlwaysDiscreet


As a Mom of 3, the chances of going out on an actual date night with my husband is pretty much the same as winning the lotto! it’s just not happening unless all 3 kids are coming along but when I do find the time to head out with the Mr. it’s always a jackpot!

With the birth of Mila ( baby girl number 3!) I noticed my body was going through things I didnt go through with my other 2 girls. Things like bladder leaks. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Actually, 1 in 3 women experience bladder leaks.

I was not leaving my house knowing that I had no control of my lady parts. If I sneezed, laughed or coughed, it was scary to predict what was going to happen. Can you imagine that daily stress? Especially when your kids are making you laugh all the time! Oh, my bladder!


2 out of 3 women who have tried bladder leak underwear have avoided wearing it even when they feel as if they need it? (this is insane!!!) Plus more than half of women say it is unlikely they would wear bladder leak underwear on a date or romantic evening out! WHY? (let’s stop being so embarrassed by our bodies ladies!)

Always Discreet Boutique is giving women who wear bladder leak underwear their confidence back! women can now feel sexy and feminine in even the most intimate situations.

Always Discreet Boutique Features:

  • Incredibly absorbent and feminine underwear that you can depend on
  • Super absorbent RapidDry™ core turns liquid to gel, absorbing even your heaviest leaks
  • Double LeakGuards help keep wetness away from the sides for secure protection
  • OdorLock™ helps get rid of odors instantly
  • The curve-hugging design defines your silhouette and fits close to your body for a smooth fit under clothes


(The sides and waist have a silky smooth fabric all around!!!)

Always Discreet Boutique Bladder leak underwear is made of silky smooth fabric and curve-hugging contours that come in a rosé color and delicate lace prints. The design is inspired by fashion industry experts and pantone trends, with a flowery pattern that goes from the front to the back on one side.

Body changes are natural! Only 88% of women said they would be more likely to wear bladder leak underwear if it looked and felt like real underwear. Let’s get these numbers up! How pretty is this set?


Don’t let bladder leakage control your life! Women can now feel sexy and feminine in even the most intimate situations. For additional information on the new Always Discreet Boutique, please visit

Disclosure: This is a sponsored on behalf of Always Discreet. As always the opinions are of my own. 

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