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Mean Girls on Broadway with My “Cool Mom” Squad! @meangirlsbway #MeansGirlsBway



As a busy Mom of 3 girls, I NEVER leave home without them but I couldn’t resist a night out on the town with my Cool Mom squad! Believe it or not, when my teen graduated middle school, her surprise graduation party was decked out in Mean Girls decor. I wore my “cool Mom” pink tracksuit and she had the time of her life!



Being the “cool Mom” that I am, I should also mention that I once snuck her out of school to watch Mean Girls on Broadway as a birthday present! Although I couldn’t watch it with her ( I had my little ones) she raved about it the entire way home! Now it was my night to catch in on the fun!



Just like the movie, the show is about a girl named Cady who is raised in Africa with her parents, who then relocated to an American High School. Not a big deal right? I would have preferred to live in the Jungle! For a small Broadway set, the show is absolutely magical! The walls transform from Kenya to North Shore High School to familiar scenes like Regina Halls bedroom and we all know what goes down in that Pink mess. From the burn book to the not so cool moments, the cast truly made me laugh and feel the frigid cold from the ice Queen REGINA!!! Damn, she’s so good at playing a bitch!

Mean Girls August Wilson Theater


I fell in love with Damian and Janis. We would have totally been friends in High School (lol) and the message is quite clear. High School has some not so cool moments. From dating, partying, rumors and gossiping. Social media bullying hits home. Being a teen is rough!


I won’t give too much away but Mean Girls on Broadway is not just for teens! The music is catchy and the cast can sing and dance their ass off! Definitely worth leaving my kids at home! Before the show, I had a chance to sneak over to Haswell Greens to catch a Mean Girls cocktail and some appetizers! 


To watch the Means Girls on Broadway with your Cool Mom Squad head over to and use the promo code MGBWAY. It’s valid for tickets starting as low as $59 performances September 17 – November 24! 

August Wilson Theater, 245 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019



(They actually replied! I AM A COOL MOM!!!)

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Disclosure: This post is made possible by support from Mean Girls on Broadway. All opinions are my own.


















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